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Turtles, Pixies, Flipovers, Caramel Nut Clusters, Pecan Buds….Just a few of the wonderful names given to a combination of three important food groups… Chocolate, Nuts and of course Caramel. These morsels being offered are the result of long sessions of exhausting “R & D” and have been such a favorite, we are sure you will agree.

These individually handmade Butter Pecan Turtles developed with each part of the tasty treat is special but able to be brought together to enhance each other. So with that thought, the pecans are sauteed with butter and “candied”, then a healthy portion of the caramel of your choice (Vanilla, Honey, & Espresso) flows just enough to encase the pecans, and finally milk chocolate caps the top.

Butter Pecan Clusters

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